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What You Should Know About Cambodia 

Welcome to Cambodia the Kingdom of Wonder 

In the past Cambodia was a powerful country within South-East Asia, having a large land, but nowadays what remains of Cambodia’s land is relatively little. The land mass covers approximately 181,035 square kilometers and there are approximately 2600 kilometers of borders, one sixth of this distance makes up coastal border , the rest are our land borders with other countries. 

Cambodia is bordered by Thailand to the north and to the west,  bordered by Vietnam to the east and to the south, bordered by Laos to the northeast, and bordered with the Gulf of Thailand to the south west.

In terms of distance, Cambodia can be measured 550 km from east to the west,  and 450 km from the north to the south . This land is not a remote area. 

Cambodia is located is a good geographical position because this country is protected from many natural disasters such as typhoons, hurricanes,  earthquakes,  and servere flooding.

Rice,  fresh-water fish and vegetables are the basic food of the Cambodia people. The most important crop of Cambodia is rice. 

The population of Cambodia is about 15 million people and 60% of this total are young people who are aged less 22 years old. 

Buddhism is the national religion with 90% of Cambodians following buddhism,  while the remaining population are mainly christians and muslims.  

What to Bring 

Wear light, airy, covering clothing make sure long enough covered your knees and your shoulders in order to respect and to protect yourself from the sun and mosquitoes. The sun can be intense so bring a hat, sunglasses and perhaps sunscreen. Consider buying a traditional Khmer scarf  (Kroma)  to keep the sun off neck. Carry a raincoat during the wet season., though you will probably only need it in the afternoon. You should have mosquito repellent for sunrise and sunset hours. 

Wear practical shoes for climbing narrow steps and walking on uneven surfaces. For serious temple explorers, a flashlight, notebook, and compass can come in handy. 

Books, refreshments, trinkets, postcards and film are available from small vendors throughout the temple complex.