Siem Reap Mini Bus Service

Price: US$ 75.00

Welcome to Angkor Tourist Guide Minibus Services

The Angkor temples are very spread out, and not easily reachable on foot. Therefore, it helps to have a minibus vehicle to get your people between 10 paxs to 20 paxs around Siem Reap and everywhere in Cambodia. We recommend using a minibus with a tour guide, We recommend, from personal experience, if you're not a physically fit (meaning, ready to sweat it out in hiking boots and go climbing mountains and boulders for fun) that you take an airconed vehicle to the out of the way places like Kulen mountain or 1000 lingas. You will KISS the person who invented airconditioning. The hike is no easy feat... it's really tiring. And entering a cool vehicle (where you can pass out and sleep on your way back to your hotel) is a blessing. We offer free cool bottle waters and cool towels, umbrellas as well.



Address: Tavean Village, Salakamroeuk Commune, Siem Reap City, Kingdom of Cambodia.

Mobile Phone: +855(0)12 979 141 | +855(0)15 979 141