About Us

About Angkor Tourist GuideGreetings from the most popular tourist attraction in Cambodia – it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site Angkor! Thank you for the kind support you have shown for Angkor Tourist Guide through the years.  Angkor Tourist Guide is a team of experienced English speaking tour guides who have been working for many years in all tourism sites around Cambodia with the official license which is recognized by the Ministry of Cambodia Tourism and we will always give you honest, true, very informative and responsible to boost your trip feel more enjoyable and full of unforgettable memory and experience with us in Cambodia.

Let we share a broad knowledge of the Khmer culture- her language,  history,  religion, legends, temple monuments, natural environment,  people,  food, hands-on activities & more- relating to you, & adding meaning to your unique experience. We’ll instill some of the sense of place and spirit that endures of Pre-Contact Cambodian and the rich, abundant culture, still very much alive today.

Sopheara is a founder and tour operator at Angkor Tourist Guide. After many years I have worked in the tourist field, I decided to establish a great team of the tour guide who is able to provide a special private tour for all tourists around the world. I am always very happy to receive your requirement and questions. You will never regret if you choose us to be your tour guide. Thank you so much in advance for supporting our team.